Friday, February 11, 2011

Here we go gaga, again

Here it comes. Lady Gaga just released the leading single off her upcoming album (no video yet), and we are once again going to be subjected to a blitz of sounds and visions from out of this world.

It is also the title track of the album: 'Born this Way'. Some call it a gay anthem, as the lady has become a loud advocate of gay rights in the past year and a half. But it isn't, it's broader than that. It is an anthem for anyone who feels different and weird (and who doesn't when they're young?), encouraging them to be proud of who they are. And of course, it will surely become one of Gaga's biggest personal anthems.

Judging by initial listening, it isn't genius, but it is a massive hit. It some place it invokes Madonna's 'Express Yourself', and this could be intentional, since both records carry a similar message. And "Don't be a drag, just be a queen" is one of her best lines.

And I LOVE this photo. Did she pull a Peter Gabriel, and shaved her forehead? If so, it is going to be her most bizarre look to date.

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